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Foam Tapes - 3M™ VHB™

In this selection chart we have tried to simplify your choice from the wide range of specialist 3M™ VHB™ tapes and other high bond tapes.

If in doubt ring our Technical Help Line.

Please Select The Tape You Require
Low Cost/
Gen. Purpose
High/Low Temp Bonding Metal Bonding

3M GPH060 Grey 0.6mm
3M GPH110 Grey 1.1mm
3M GPH160 Grey 1.6mm
3M RP25 Grey 0.6mm
3M RP45 Grey 1.1mm
3M RP62 Grey 1.6mm
3M 4614 Trans 0.8mm
3M 4611 Grey 1mm

High Temperature
3M GPH Grey

Low Temperature
3M 4951 White 1.1mm
3M 4943 Grey 1.14mm
3M 4957 Grey 1.57mm

3M 4930 White .64mm
3M 4950 White 1.1mm
3M 4912 White 2mm
3M 4959 White 3mm
3M 9460 Clear .05mm
3M 9473 Clear .25mm
3M 9469 Clear .13mm
Glass/Clear Bonding Plastic Bonding (vinyl) Plastic Bonding (low surface energy) Powder Coated Bonding

3M 4905 Clear .63mm
3M 4910 Clear 1.13mm
3M 4915 Clear 1.63mm
3M 4918 Clear 2.13mm

3M 4991 Grey 2.3mm
3M 4919 Grey 0.64mm
3M 4941 Grey 1.1mm
3M 4945 White 1.1mm
3M 4947 Black 1.1mm
3M 9465 Clear 0.13mm

3M 4932 White .64mm
3M 4952 White 1.1mm
3M 9482 White .05mm
3M 9485 White .13mm

3M 4936 Grey .64mm
3M 5952 Black 1.1mm
3M 5925 Black 0.64mm
3M 4956 Grey 1.55mm
3 Metre Length Rolls
The following tapes are now available in 3 metre rolls:

4910 4941 4950 4952 5952 4611 4613 4614 RP45 GPH110

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