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Tesa Cloth Tape

A range of Tesa cloth tapes.

Product Selection Chart
Ref Description/Applications Adhesive Thickness Temp
4665 Transparent Cloth Tape. Outdoor stability for up to one year. Rubber 0.215mm 95°
4651 Premium Acrylic Coated Cloth Tape. Up to eight colours. Rubber 0.315mm 130°
4613 General Purpose Utility Grade cloth tape. Rubber 0.180mm 95°

Tesa 4665 Transparent Cloth Tape
tesa® 4665 is a special outdoor transparent cloth tape. It consists of a 95 μ...
Tesa 4651 Premium Acrylic Coated Cloth Tape
tesa® 4651 is a powerful high quality acrylic coated cloth tape. It is based ...
Tesa 4613 Utility Grade Cloth Tape
tesa® 4613 is a utility grade duct tape. It consists of a 27 mesh woven PET/c...
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