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Viking Premier Brand Double Coated Tape

A collection of Double Coated Tapes from the value for money Viking Premier Brand range.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Brand Type Adhesive Colour Thickness Temp PDF
VK122HM Viking Tissue Rubber White 0.015mm 60° Data Sheet
VK181 Viking Polyester Acrylic Clear 0.20mm 80° Data Sheet
VK1225 Viking Tissue Acrylic White 80° 0.16mm Data Sheet
VK2058 Viking Carpet Tape Hot Melt Beige 0.24mm 60° Data Sheet
VK3902 Viking Toffee Tape High Tack Rubber White 0.4mm 60° Data Sheet
VK4109 Viking Exhibition Tape Acrylic / Hot Melt Clear 0.11mm 25° Data Sheet

VK122HM Double Sided Tissue Tape
General purpose double sided hand tearable tissue tape with rubber adhesive.
VK181 Clear Double Sided Tape with a Red Liner
Double Sided Polyester with long ageing acrylic adhesive on a silicone and PE...
VK1225 Double Sided Tape
A double sided tape suitable for corrugated splicing. With acrylic adhesive a...
Carpet Tape / Cloth Tape
CARPET TAPE: A double sided open weave cloth tape coated with a white hot mel...
Toffee Tape
Ultra high tack rubber adhesive tape, extremely conformable. Ideal for fixing...
Exhibition Tape
A double sided blue polythene tape coated with an emulsion acrylic adhesive o...
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