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Viking Premier Brand Double Coated Tape

A collection of Double Coated Tapes from the value for money Viking Premier Brand range.

Product Selection Chart
Ref Description Price From
VK122HM A good general purpose tissue at a very competitive price. £1.75
VK181 High performance polyester at an excellent price. £7.03
VK130 Double sided PVC, high grab, low cost. £6.19
VK110 High performance adhesive transfer tape. Up to 50% off major brands. £9.24
VK1225 High tack tissue, excellent temp performance. Great price. £4.64
VK2058 All purpose carpet tape. £4.26
VK3902 Toffee Tape - All purpose High Grab aggressive double coated tape. £6.31
VK4109 Exhibition Tape - Removable Double Coated for exhibition flooring, conforms to NEC specification. £9.75

VK122HM Double Sided Tissue Tape
General purpose double sided hand tearable tissue tape with rubber adhesive.
VK181 Clear Double Sided Tape with a Red Liner
Double Sided Polyester with long ageing acrylic adhesive on a silicone and PE...
VK1225 Double Sided Tape
A double sided tape suitable for corrugated splicing. With acrylic adhesive a...
Carpet Tape / Cloth Tape
CARPET TAPE: A double sided open weave cloth tape coated with a white hot mel...
Toffee Tape
Ultra high tack rubber adhesive tape, extremely conformable. Ideal for fixing...
Exhibition Tape
A double sided blue polythene tape coated with an emulsion acrylic adhesive o...
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