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Foam Tapes

Viking offer a full range of cost effective single sided foam tapes for a variety of applications.

Our complete range is too extensive and specialist to cover here. For specific requirements and none standard widths please ring our technical help line.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Brand Type Adhesive Colour Thickness Temp PDF
VK202 Viking PVC Foam Medium Density Acrylic Grey 3.0mm 60° Data Sheet
VK302 Viking PVC Foam Hgh Density Acrylic Grey 3.0mm 60° Data Sheet
VK159 Viking Neopropylene Soft Acrylic Black 4.0mm 93° Data Sheet
3259 Scapa Closed PVC Acrylic Grey Various 70° Data Sheet

Scapa 3259 Single Sided Foam Tape
Scapa 3259 is primarily a foam compression sealant. The foam is predominantly...
VK159 Fire Retardant Single Sided Foam Tape
VK159 Foam Tape is ozone resistant, fire retardant, polymeric blended, closed...
VK202 Single Sided Foam Tape
VK202 is a self adhesive PVC foam tape with acrylic adhesive on one side. Th...
VK302 Single Sided Foam Tape
VK302 is a self adhesive PVC foam tape. Ideal for water, air and dust sealing.
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