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Die Cuts / Tape Conversion

All adhesive tapes, whether they be foam, filmic, adhesive transfer tape, single-sided or double-sided, can be customised to any shape to suit specific production requirements or individual needs.

Using die-cut parts improves productivity, saves time, saves materials and saves money. These can be presented either on rolls, with or without waste removed insingle cut pieces, sheets or strips.

Tape or foam pieces can have an oversized liner or a split back liner for easy removal. The presentation of the products can be engineered to suit individual applications, incorporating elements such as pre-spaced layouts and specified location holes to reduce both application time and production cost.

All these tapes can be slit from log roll into standard and non standard widths, thereby releasing customers from unnecessary restriction of standard sizes and large to minimum order quantities.

An everyday example of a converted product would be masking tape dots of various diameters for masking off apertures on product components prior to paint spraying.

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