3M™ Scotch® 810 Magic™ Tape

The 3M™ Scotch® 810 Magic™ Tape is a favourite in offices, schools and for craft projects at home and is guaranteed to become your go-to tape for a vast array of different uses. This tape is named for the fact that, when applied, it is practically invisible, despite seeming translucent when on the roll. As a result, it can be used in a whole host of office, day-to-day and crafting applications.

Unlike normal sellotapes, it has a matte rather than a glossy surface that prevents it from reflecting light, thus keeping it practically hidden and inconspicuous at all times when in use. What’s more, the 810 Magic Tape won’t discolour or dry out and crack with age, so you can guarantee that it’ll remain invisible permanently. It is also moisture resistant.

What’s more, this “magic”  finish also means that it can be written upon using pen, pencil or marker pen, making it an excellent choice for labels. It’s also the optimum choice for situations where you want a non-reflective tape: its matte surface means that it isn’t visible when photocopied.

The Scotch Magic invisible tape is also highly versatile, sticking to various surfaces and removing the need for having multiple tapes available in your office or home. Not only can you attach and readjust the tape as and when required thanks to its synthetic acrylic adhesive that doesn’t leave residue behind, it’ll also work perfectly for whatever craft project or day-to-day use you put it towards.

Everything from wrapping gifts, to sealing envelopes to go into the post, attaching documents together, repairing torn books or papers and any other activity where you need a transparent tape will find this highly-versatile product the perfect match. It’s also easy to tear by hand, although for ease of application, dispensers are available.

To keep this tape in optimum condition, we recommend you store it at temperatures not exceeding 15°C -26°C and relative humidity levels of around 40%-60%.

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