Double Sided Tape for Interiors

A range of double sided tapes suitable for automotive interiors.

Ref Brand Type Adhesive Colour Thickness Temp PDF
950 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape Acrylic Clear 0.23mm 120° Data Sheet
VK1225 Viking Tissue Acrylic White 80° 0.16mm Data Sheet
3M 9626 3M Adhesive Transfer Acrylic Natural 0.05mm 177° Data Sheet
3M9775WL 3M Adhesive Transfer Acrylic 300MP Natural 0.127mm 148° Data Sheet
3M 9425HT 3M Polyester Differential Acrylic Trans 0.137mm 121° Data Sheet
3M 9191 3M Cloth Hot Melt White 0.26mm 60° Data Sheet
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