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Polyester Tapes / Flash Tapes

A wide range of 3M and Viking Polyester Tapes.

Designed for high temperature holding, paper splicing and high temperature masking in powder coating.

Also known as 'Flash Tapes' for splicing and holding when compisite bonding.

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Product Selection Guide
Ref Features Adhesive Temp PDF
VK10B High Temp Acrylic 130° Data Sheet
Premier 220 High Temp Silicone 220° Data Sheet
VK61SL Transparent Silicone 175° Data Sheet
3M 8991 Blue
Silicone 204° Data Sheet
3M 8992 Green
Silicone 204° Data Sheet
3M 853 Clear Acrylic Up to 175° Data Sheet
3M 851 Green Silicone & Rubber Up to 90° Data Sheet
3M 850 Transparent Acrylic -50° to 150° Data Sheet
TESA 50650 Blue Silicone -50° to 220° Data Sheet
TESA 50600 Green Silicone -50° to 220° Data Sheet

VK61SL General Purpose Polyester Flash Tape. Max Temp 175°C
General Purpose single sided polyester tape with high temperature silicone ad...
Premier 220 Powder Coat Masking Tape
An imported polyester with a 220°C rating at a very competitive price.
VK10B High Temperature Polyester Masking Tape with Acrylic Adhesive Max Temp 130C
An adhesive tape based on polyester film 23my thick and acrylic polymer thero...
3M™ 8991 Polyester Tape
3M™ 8991 Polyester Tape is a blue polyester tape with a silicone adhesive. It...
3M™ 8992 Polyester Tape
3M™ 8992 Polyester Tape is a dark green polyester tape with a silicone adhesi...
3M™ 853 Polyester Masking Tape
Transparent, 0.05mm thick polyester film tape with acrylic adhesive. Excellen...
3M™ 851 Greenback Printed Circuit Board Tape
A green polyester film tape with a special conformable adhesive which resists...
3M™ 850 Polyester Film Tape
3M™ Polyester Film Tape 850 can generally be used for splicing and applicati...
Tesa 50600 Powder Coated Masking Tape
TESA 50600 adhesive tape is a single sided polyester tape that is ideal for p...
Tesa 50650 Powder Coated Masking Tape
tesa® 50650 is a blue high-temperature tape features a polyester backing with...