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Collection Description
Advance Cloth Tapes

Including economy grade cloth or gaffer tapes for general purpose applications. Ideal for all general repair and splicing applications. High tack. Water resistant finish. Easy tear.

Product Comparison

Ref Brand Type Adhesive Colour Thickness Temp PDF
AT132 Advance Gen Purpose Rubber Black 0.17mm 65° Data Sheet
AT175 Advance Gen Purpose Rubber Black 0.23mm 80° Data Sheet
AT6190 Advance Very High Tack Rubber Orange 0.22mm 75° Data Sheet
AT159 Advance Polycoated Rubber Black 0.28mm 80° Data Sheet
AT160 Advance Waterproof Rubber Black 0.33mm 80° Data Sheet
AT163 Advance Thermosetting Thermosetting Grey 0.30mm 110° Data Sheet
AT180 Advance Water Resistant Pressure Sensitive Black 0.28mm 80° Data Sheet
AT201 Advance Very Strong Rubber Black 0.33mm 80° Data Sheet
AT202 Advance Cable Friendly Solvent Free Rubber Black 0.22mm 80° Data Sheet
AT712 Advance Nuclear Solvent Free Rubber White 0.27mm 70° Data Sheet
AT293 Advance Closure Plate Solvent Free Rubber Grey 0.28mm 110° Data Sheet
AT200 Advance Fire Retardant Rubber Black 0.26mm 80° Data Sheet

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