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3M™ Products
3M™ Products are renowned throughout the world for their quality and performa...
3M™ Tapes
3M Products are renowned throughout the world for their performance quality. ...
Advance Tapes
Including specialist grade cloth tapes and gaffer tapes for general purpose a...
Tesa Tapes
A comprehensive range of Tesa tapes.
Industry Sectors
A range of products suitable for several industry sectors
Double Sided Tapes
Viking bring you a large range of double sided tapes.
Single Side Tapes
Viking bring you a large range of single sided tapes. Masking Tapes, Applicat...
Masking Tapes
From General Purpose Bundling to Powder Coated Masking, including specialist ...
Packaging Tapes
As a specialist tape distributor we carry a full range of packaging tapes and...
A complete range of 3M™ adhesives for general and specialist industry applica...
Glue Dots
Glue Dots are permanent and removable adhesive dots with thousands of uses. A...
Anti Slip
Find one of the widest range of anti slip tapes in the market. 3M safety walk...
Magnetic Tapes
A range of magnetic tape products, suitable for many applications. Product...
Velcro® Brand
Self Adhesive Hook and Loop Fasteners are a popular choice because of ease of...
Packaging Materials
Viking bring you a large range of packaging related products Packaging Tapes,...

Viking Industrial Products are specialists in adhesive tape, adhesives, abrasives and pakaging materials. We have been in business for 30 years and have over 50 years experience in tapes and adhesives. Viking Industrial specialise in sales of tapes and adhesives to manufacturing industry both in the UK and most countries around the world.

We are one of 3M™s major distributors but also represent Tesa™, Scapa™, Advance™, Sicad™ and many others.

We have a state of the art transactional website and are 3M™s N°1 on-line partner.

We specialise in the sale of 3M™ VHB™, 3M™ Dual Lock™, 3M™ Foam Tapes, 3M™ EPX™ Two Part Adhesives and 3M™s wide range of double sided tapes including 467, 468, 9473, 9087 and 9088. We also sell 3M™s range of plate mounting tapes which are recognised through out the printing industry. We also represent 3M™s abrasive division with such products as Scotch-Brite™ and Trizact™.

As experts in our field we offer a free technical helpline and field 10's of calls a day providing answers to our customers queries.

Our aim at Viking is to give our customers "peace of mind" providing quality products backed by excellent service from our "customer care" team.

In addition to the standard range of products we operate a tape conversion service and a custom tape printing service. We can die cut tapes to any shape or size our customers require with many combinations of tape and liner. The presentation of the product can be engineered to suit individual applications, incorporating elements such as pre-shaped layouts, specified location holes and split back liners to reduce both application time and production cost. Our printed tape may be used to advertise a company name or brand, provide storage and shipping instructions or as a means of improving security. We can print up to 4 colours on a variety of materials including reinforced paper tape. In addition to the above we offer a tape slitting service for bespoke widths and have two state of the art machines.

In conculsion we offer our customers PEACE OF MIND. We have over 25 years experience providing cost effective Tape, Adhesive and Abrasive solutions. We cut special shapes, we print and we specialise in the Automotive, Aerospace, Signage and Construction industries. For expert advice call +44 (0)1535 610 373

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