3M™ Masking Tapes

Viking Tapes are the number 1 online partner for 3M™ in the UK. We are proud to stock a large range of 3M™ masking tapes for many applications. See below what tapes we offer.


3M™ 101E General Purpose Masking Tape (formerly 3M™ 2120) is a general-purpose masking tape ideal for paint masking, bundling, sealing, attaching and other applications up to a temperature of 60°C for one hour. 3M™ 2090 Scotch-Blue™ Painter’s Tape is a medium adhesion tape ideal for paint masking on multiple surfaces, including painted walls and trim, woodwork, glass, and metal.

3M™ 201E High Performance Masking Tape is a premium quality paper tape masking tape used for paint masking for short amounts of time, as well as sealing and bundling in applications where the temperature does not exceed 80°C. 3M™ 301E Masking Tape is an excellent tape for any industrial applications that require good temperature performance. This tape can be used in air drying of paint or curing paint up to 100°C for 1 hour.

3M™ 401E High Temperature Masking Tape is designed for high-quality performance paint masking in the automotive industry and for the industrial market. 3M™ 501E High Temperature Masking Tape is designed for critical paint masking applications in the automotive, speciality vehicle, and industrial markets where excellent holding and high-temperature performance are required.

3M™ 202 High Strength Masking Tape is a high strength natural coloured crepe paper coated with a rubber resin adhesive. 3M™ 1104 Low Adhesion Masking Tape is a speciality tape designed with sensitive surfaces in mind. Thanks to a less aggressive adhesive it can be used in applications where extra care must be taken not to affect surfaces.

3M™ 3434 Blue Automotive Masking Tape can be used for most auto repair market paint masking operations. It provides outstanding painting results with common two-component paint systems as well as with water-based paint systems. 3M™ 3030 Premium Auto Refinish Masking Tape uses a specially formulated cross-linked rubber/resin adhesive and has been developed to provide a good balance of properties for the modern bodyshop - specifically in use with water-based paint applications.

3M™ 218 Fine Line Masking Tape is a high-performance polypropylene plastic tape perfect for industrial applications. This tape has a low profile and is backed with a high tack adhesive which allows for good bonding on various surfaces. We recommend this masking tape for creating long straight lines as well as sweeping curves when painting. 3M™ 471+ (471F) Vinyl Fine Line Masking Tape is a conformable vinyl tape with a versatile rubber adhesive, this tape is perfect for painting and applications where accurate alignment as well as being able to create patterns is of importance.

3M™ 214 High Performance High Temperature Masking Tape is suitable for most surfaces and can withstand one hour at 177°C in most applications. The adhesive is sulphur-free which makes it one of the few tapes that can be used on copper, silver, and other precious metals. 3M™ 8991 and 3M™ 8992 are polyester tapes with a silicone adhesive which makes them the perfect tapes for high-temperature applications. We recommend this tape for uses that include working with powder coat masking, flash breaker, and bag sealing applications.

3M™ 2525 Performance Flatback Tape is a reliable tape ideal for splicing and paint masking applications where adhesion in high-temperature bake cycles is necessary. 3M™ 250 Flatback Masking Tape features a rubber adhesive that instantly adheres to a wide variety of surfaces. Thanks to a rubber adhesive, this tape is very easy to remove cleanly and easily making it an excellent choice for any painting project. The special flatback paper backing has been made to resist breakage making applications easy.

3M™ 8902 Polyester Powder Coating Tape is a thicker, more durable polyester tape ideal for masking in high temperature applications and adheres well to silicone coated surfaces. 3M™ 8901 Polyester Powder Coat Masking Tape is thin and conformable and excels in high temperature masking operations such as powder coat painting.

This extensive range is sure to have every masking tape solution you could want.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Brand Type Adhesive Colour Thickness Temp PDF
101E 3M Gen Purpose Masking Solvent Rubber Tan 0.12mm 60°C Data Sheet
201E 3M Low Bake Masking Solvent Rubber Chamois 0.135mm 80°C Data Sheet
301E 3M Allows Air and Oven Drying of Paint. Solvent Rubber Chamois 0.15mm 110°C Data Sheet
401E 3M High Temperature Solvent Rubber Brown 0.16mm 140°C Data Sheet
501E 3M High Temperature Solvent Rubber Chamois 0.15mm 160°C Data Sheet
202 3M High Strength Solvent Rubber Natural 0.17mm 95°C Data Sheet
1104 3M Low Tack Solvent Rubber Natural 0.147mm 120°C Data Sheet
2090 3M Painters Masking Tape for Multi Surfaces Acrylic Blue 0.137mm 60°C Data Sheet
3434 3M Blue Automotive Masking Tape Solvent Rubber Blue 0.18mm 110°C Data Sheet
3030 3M Green Automotive Masking Tape Solvent Rubber Green 0.13mm 100°C Data Sheet
218 3M Fine Line Solvent Rubber Grey 0.11mm 120°C Data Sheet
471+ 3M Vinyl Fine Line Solvent Rubber Indigo 0.13mm 121°C Data Sheet
214 3M Very High Temp Solvent Rubber Chamois 0.17mm 175°C Data Sheet
2525 3M Flat Back Masking Rubber Orange 0.24mm 149°C Data Sheet
250 3M Flat Back Masking Rubber Tan 0.15mm 125°C Data Sheet
8991 3M Powder Coat Masking Tape Silicone Blue 0.06mm 204°C Data Sheet
8992 3M Powder Coat Masking Tape Silicone Green 0.08mm 204°C Data Sheet
8901 3M Powder Coat Masking Tape Silicone Blue 0.08mm 204°C Data Sheet
8902 3M Powder Coat Masking Tape Silicone Blue 0.14mm 204°C Data Sheet