3M™ 8991 Polyester Tape

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3M™ 8991 Polyester Tape is a blue polyester tape with a silicone adhesive. It can be used in a large variety of high temperature applications, including powder coat masking, flash breaker, and bag sealing applications. Additional applications include splicing, tabbing, or roll closing silicone treated liners or materials.


Polyester films offer excellent thermal, abrasion, and chemical resistance while maintaining their flexibility. The blue colouring makes tape placement obvious for both application and removal. The thin backing leaves a sharp paint line and some conformability. Silicone adhesives offer high heat resistance compared to many rubber and acrylic adhesives, reducing failure due to softening and adhesive transfer. Silicone adhesives adhere well to tough-to-stick to surfaces, like silicone liners and fixtures coated with mold release. Further, it removes cleanly from most surfaces.


Suitable for masking for powder coat painting, flash breaker tape when pulling through cured coating such as epoxies. Also suitable for holding and splicing difficult to stick to surfaces, as well as holding parts or sealing vacuum bags during processing.


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