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Contact Adhesives

A range of solvent based and water based adhesives suitable for brush and spray application.

Our product selection guide is designed to help you make the correct choice. You can also view the substrate chart to help you make an even more informed choice.

Cleaning Solvents suitable for the 3M™ range of contact adhesives are also available here.

If you need any more help please ring our technical help line.

Product Selection Guide
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Scotchgrip 10 General Purpose Solvent Contact Adhesive Data Sheet £14.60
1 Litre
Scotchgrip 30 General Purpose Water Based Contact Adhesive - £19.09
1 Litre
Scotchgrip 2000 High Strength Water Based Spray Adhesives Data Sheet £195.58
19 Litres
Scotchweld 100 Water Based Foam Bonding - widely used in automotive industry. Data Sheet £239.43
20 Litres
Scotchgrip 1099 Solvent Based for Bonding Plastics Data Sheet £15.98
1 Litre
Scotchgrip 1300L Solvent Based Good High Temperature Performance Data Sheet £24.86
1 Litre
Scotchgrip 49 Water Based for Bonding Fabrics and Insulation and other Lightwieght Materials Data Sheet £25.89
2 Litres
Scotchgrip 847 Solvent Based for Bonding Rubber/Plastics Data Sheet £16.07
1 Litre
VK Thortack 24 CFC free, multipurpose, low odour sprayable adhesive Data Sheet £140.11
17 KG
Thortack 24 Spray Gun and Hose For use with Thortak 24 Sprayable Adhesive   £110.96
Thortack 24 Kit Includes Thortak 24 Canister and Spray Gun and Hose   £224.59
Cleaning Solvents
3M Solvent No1 For use with solvent adhesives   £16.22
3M Solvent No2 For use with resistant adhesives   £18.50