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Fire Retardant Cloth Tapes

A range of cloth tapes with fire retardant properties.

Product Selection Chart
Ref Description Standard Length Temp Adhesive Colour
AT200 Flame retardant black cloth tape - 50m -10° to 80° Rubber Black
AT205 Flame retardant black cloth tape - 25m -20° to 150° Acrylic Black
AT2002 Flame retardant foil tape FAR25.853 50m -10° to 60° Rubber Silver
T3601 Flame retardant, waterproof F.A.R 25.853(a) 50m 0° to 70° Rubber White

AT200 Flame Redardant Cloth Tape
An Ultra Matt polythene extruded cloth tape coated with cable friendly, solve...
AT205 Flame Redardant Cloth Tape
A pressure sensitive aluminium foil tape with a high temperature, dispersion ...
AT2002 Flame Redardant Hi Spec Cloth Tape
A flame retardant polycloth laminate tape coated with a special pressure sens...
Scapa T3601 Fire Retardant Waterproof Cloth Tape
Scapa T3601 is a polyethylene coated cloth tape, coated with a fire-retardant...
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