3M™ 550FC Polyurethane Adhesive Sealant

The 3M™ 550FC Adhesive Sealant comes in black and is a multi-purpose seal available in cartridge form. Graded as the best choice for bonding, we recommend this adhesive sealant for indoor and outdoor uses where bonding performance is of the highest importance.

3M™ 550FC Polyurethane adhesive sealant is considered to have a medium tensile strength allow it to withstand some stretch for extended periods of time without breaking. The skin on adhesive forms in 50 to 90 minutes adding a protective first layer to the sealant, once the skin has formed it is safe to paint on the adhesive. Due to thicker properties than its other counterparts, the curing rate of this adhesive sealant is 4mm per 24 hours.

This adhesive sealant is an all-rounder; however, it performs at its highest when used in applications such as gap-filling or seam sealing, it is also a good choice for panel attachment. From drywall filling, working on various plastics and metals, creating durable bonds between most materials, all the way to forming a safe seal when attaching panels. For more information on how this product can be used contact our technical helpline for advice.

Please ensure proper safety procedures are followed at all times and safety gear is worn when handling this product as the 3M™ 550FC Polyurethane Adhesive Sealant contains isocyanate which is a powerful irritant.

3M™ 550FC is available for purchase in 310ml cartridges, please note that a minimum of two cartridges must be selected at checkout.
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