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Collection Description
Surface Preparation Products

To obtain optimum adhesion for Adhesive Tapes, the bonding surfaces must be clean, dry and well unified. Typical cleaning solvents are 3M VHB Cleaner, a mix of isopropyl alcohol and...

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Product Comparison

Ref Size Colour Approx Coverage Surfaces / Applications
3M Primer 94 946ml Light Yellow 150 Sq Feet All inc. LSE Plastics
3M Primer 94 236ml Light Yellow 50 Sq Feet All inc. LSE Plastics
3M VHB Universal Primer 946ml Light Yellow 150 Sq Feet All inc. LSE Plastics, with UV indicator
3M P591 All purpose sealant primer 250ml - 60 Sq Feet All inc. LSE Plastics
3M AP115 Silane Primer 1 Litre Transparent 160 Sq Feet Glass
3M Solvent N°1 1 Litre - - Cleaning up adhesive spillage
3M Solvent N°2 1 Litre - - Cleaning up oil resistant products
3M Industrial Citrus Cleaner 500ml / 200ml Pale Yellow - Cleaner degreaser based on citrus oil
3M Safety Walk Primer 1 Litre - 5 Sq Metres Seals porus surfaces increases bond
3M Safety Walk Edge Sealer 148ml - 75-100 linear metres Protects exposed edges

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