3M™ 9080 High Performance Non-woven Double Coated Tape

The 3M™ 9080 High Performance Non-Woven Double Coated Tape is a must have double coated acrylic adhesive laid out on a non-woven tissue carrier. This 3M™ tape has a very high level of initial tack and sticks well to a wide variety of surfaces, including low surface energy (LSE) materials.

The 9080 High Performance tape is ideal for bonding together a wide selection of similar and dissimilar materials which include wood, metals, glass, papers, paints, as well as many plastics and fabrics. Alongside coated papers and varnishes, Polypropylene and some Polyethylene’s are typically low surface energy materials - this 3M High Performance tape is able to work well with these and still provide excellent adhesion.

The strength of adhesive bond will dependent how the amount of pressure put on the tape during application. We recommend firm application pressure as this develops better adhesive contact, improving bond strength. For best results when applying the tape, always check that your bonding surfaces are clean, dry, and well-unified. It is recommended that an isopropyl alcohol & water based cleaning solvent is used to prepare surfaces for bonding.

When applying the tape, we recommend that the temperature range around the bonding surface is 21°C to 38°C.  Please note that when applying in environments with a temperature of 10°C and below, the adhesive may become too firm and not bond properly. Once the tape has been applied in an environment with a suitable temperature, it will hold up well in low temperatures.

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