Panel Bonding

We offer a range of Polyurethane sealants and MS Polymer Hybrids. We have tried to indicate in the application section which product you should choose. Essentially Hybrids offer greater UV stability,better adhesion and are more robust. Polyurethanes tend to be more flexible for seam sealing.

If in doubt please call our technical help line.

These products are excellent alternatives to both the Seca and Henkel ranges at more attractive prices.

3M™ performance at a price you can afford.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Description Tensile Strength Temp Range Shore A Skin Time Applications PDF
3M 5300 Polyurethane Medium -40°C to 90°C 50 45 mins Seam Sealing Data Sheet
3M 5005 Polyurethane Medium -55°C to 80°C Approx 70 10-15 mins Wood Bonding, Seam Sealing Data Sheet
3M 540 Polyurethane Low -40°C to 90°C Approx 40 45-60 mins Seam Sealing, Gap Filling Data Sheet
3M 550FC Polyurethane Medium -40°C to 90°C Approx 45 50-90 mins Seam Sealing, Gap Filling Data Sheet
3M 560 Polyurethane High -40°C to 90°C Approx 55 50 mins Seam Sealing, Panel Attachment Data Sheet
3M 590 Polyurethane High -40°C to 90°C 60-65 25-40 mins Seam Sealing, Window Bonding Data Sheet
VKSX Polymer Hybrid High -40°C to 100°C 60 (Trans. 40) 10 mins Weatherproofing Joints, Glazing Systems, Joints and Assemblies in Coach Body Work Data Sheet
3M 760 Polymer Hybrid High -40°C to 100°C 55 10-30 mins Seam Sealing, Panel Attachment, Lightbox Sealing, UV Resistance, Window Bonding Data Sheet
3M 5313 Butyl Strip Medium -29°C to 100°C - N/A General Purpose Solid Adhesive/Sealant for Duct work Data Sheet
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