3M™ Scotch Shipping Pouch and Documents Enclosed Tape Sheets

Viking Tapes’ 3M™ Scotch Pouch Tape 8241 is an efficient and easy-to-use alternative to traditional shipping pouch wallets. It is used for enclosing delivery notes and documents onto the outside of your packages.

Available on a roll, these transparent, self-adhesive enclosed pouches are printed on their edges with red text that reads “documents enclosed” written in four different languages. Their synthetic rubber adhesive ensures that these shipping pouches adhere quickly to packages, boxes and even stretch film, ensuring that the shipment arrives at its intended destination without unnecessary delays or the possibility of the package being lost.

Their moisture and abrasion-resistant film backing ensures that these pouches and your documents arrive in perfect condition following the shipping process.

To attach, simply remove a sticky pouch from the roll, peel off the backing liner to expose the adhesive and stick on to your desired surface. You can then slip delivery notes, addresses or other documents into the clear pouch ready for shipping.

Each roll contains 333 pouches, each with a dimension of 150x200 mm. The usable pouch area measures 98x145 mm.

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