3M™ 1104 Low Adhesion Masking Tape

3M™ 1104 Low Adhesion Masking Tape has been specially designed for those applications where a less aggressive adhesive is important. This low adhesion tape can be used for most painting applications and is an excellent choice in decorating as it removes easily at baking temperatures of 120°C for 45 minutes. It also removes cleanly from critical surfaces - like anodised aluminium or draughting paper.

3M 1104 is a strong and conformable masking tape with low adhesion and low tack, suitable for special applications where tape must be applied to critical surfaces. Special saturation provides good paint adhesion on the backside without paint flaking or bleed through.

Temperature performance allows baking of masked surface for paint curing or other processes and removal afterwards without adhesive transfer. Note that 1104 is not designed for outdoor use or for long periods of sunlight exposure. For better bonding results we recommend that firm pressure is applied across the tape as it is being placed on a surface.

3M™ 1104 is designed for masking or fixing on critical surfaces like lacquer, anodised metals, wallpaper, draughting paper - and for removal without damage to the surface substrate.

This masking tape provides adequate adhesion, low tack, and no adhesion build-up over time. Thanks to the low tack properties of this masking tape, it is easy to reposition and has good removability qualities without adhesive transfer. It removes well from critical surfaces.

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