3M™ 218 Fine Line Masking Tape

3M™ 218 Fine Line Masking Tape is a high-performance polypropylene plastic tape that has both a low profile and high adhesion qualities, making it ideal for use in painting long straight lines and sweeping curves where a sharp paint line is desired. It is often used as a layout tape for high-value multi-colour and custom painted graphics.

The thin tape (starting as narrow as 3mm) provides excellent colour line separation and is resistant to most solvents and moisture. It has a green matt finish polypropylene film formulated to give excellent conformability. The special processed 218 film backing will allow taping over fresh acrylic lacquer and enable overpainting jobs sooner with less chance of imprint damage. It also stretches easily for smooth curves yet can be easily torn by hand with a quick tearing action against the thumbnail.

Always prepare the surface on which the tape will be applied. We recommend using solvents such as rubbing alcohol to ensure the surface is clean and free of dust and oils. When applying, add firm pressure onto the surface to create a stronger and permanent bond.

This tape can be used in various applications that include masking, lettering, backing, and sealing.

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