3M™ Scotch-Blue™ Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape 2090

The 3M™ Scotch-Blue™ Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape 2090 is a tried and tested masking tape that’s a popular tool for professional painters and home DIYers alike. Its goal is to mask indoor surfaces from any paint or damage that could be caused during the decoration process. It leaves a clean definition between painted areas, ensuring you have clear lines and a professional finish.  

It can be applied damage-free to a range of materials, including painted walls, woodwork, glass or metal, as well as on surfaces that are uneven or curved. You can rely upon its consistently clean, intact and damage-proof removal that avoids leaving any residue, if done so within 14 days of use.

A crepe paper backing and acrylic adhesive combine to produce a medium-strength tape that is resistant to sunlight and UV rays, meaning this product will continue to be removed cleanly, regardless of the brightness of the conditions in which it has been applied. It also has strong integrity, meaning that it won’t tear when removed from its location, while its high level of moisture resistance means you can rely on it acting as a strong barrier that prevents any paint bleed-through.

To ensure high quality results, we recommend applying this painter’s tape to a surface that is clear of oils or other residues, dry and dust-free. To guarantee that this tape remains in place throughout the decorating process, once applied, leave it set for between 30 minutes to an hour before starting work. To remove, confirm all painting is fully dry and slowly peel the tape from the surface at a 45-degree angle.

Avoid using this tape on wallpaper, wooden floors or unpainted wallboard where it could cause damage to the surface of the material, or with nitrocellulose lacquer coatings.

Our rolls measure 54.8m in length.

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