3M™ 471+ (471F) Vinyl Fine Line Masking Tape

The 3M™ 471+ Vinyl Fine Line Masking Tape is an adaptable and flexible masking take that will be able to easily conform to the shapes and surfaces that you are working on. With a strong rubber adhesive and a semi translucent backing this vinyl tape is perfect for applications where accurate alignment is crucial.

Thanks to its strong vinyl properties, this masking tape can be used in various environments which include applications on lorries, automotive collision repair, aerospace work, and even automotive collusion repair. For more general uses it can be used in colour coding, pattern outlining on RV’s and custom painting jobs in automotive and motorcycle shops, as well as for protecting adjacent areas when sanding or painting.

This vinyl masking tape comes with many features making it a go to for simple and complex pattern making in industrial environments. When creating a crisp and sharp pain line, particularly when working with various colours, this tape will adhere to surfaces well and come off cleanly without chipping the lines or taking off paint when lifting. The narrow width 3M™ 471+ tapes are conformable and can be used to more intricate lines that include curves and patterns.

The strong vinyl backing of the 3M™ 471F Vinyl Fine Line Masking Tapes ensures that they are abrasion resistant and can be cleanly removed in just one piece without compromising the surface. This tape does not leave behind residue and ensures that there is no staining on surfaces where it has been placed.

The 3M™ 471+ handles high temperatures very well, we do not recommend that the tape is used in applications where the temperature may rise above 121°C.

This tape is available in different sizes and three colours – clear, indigo blue, and black.
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