3M™ VHB™ Metal Bonding Tapes

Product Selection Guide
Ref Brand Type Adhesive Colour Thickness Temp PDF
4930 3M VHB Acrylic White 0.64mm 90° Data Sheet
4950 3M VHB Acrylic White 1.1mm 90° Data Sheet
4912 3M VHB Acrylic White 2.0mm 150° Data Sheet
4959 3M VHB Acrylic White 3.0mm 90° Data Sheet
9460 3M VHB Acrylic Trans 0.05mm 150° Data Sheet
9473 3M VHB Acrylic Trans 0.25mm 150° Data Sheet
9469 3M VHB Acrylic White 0.64mm 150° Data Sheet
5958 3M VHB Acrylic Black 1.0mm 93° Data Sheet

3M™ VHB™ Metal Bonding Tapes comprise of excellent metal bonding acrylic adhesives which make them suitable for both interior and exterior applications.


3M™ 4912 VHB™ Acrylic Foam Tape is a red release liner with white tape. It has excellent long-term holding power, as well as resistance to solvents, temperature extremes, and UV light. This makes 4912 suitable for many interior and exterior applications.


3M™ 4930 VHB™ Acrylic Foam Tape features an excellent metal bonding acrylic adhesive while 3M™ 4950 VHB™ is also an acrylic foam tape with a superior peel adhesion and tensile holding power.


3M™ 4959 VHB™ Acrylic Foam Tape has solvent resistant properties. It is also resistant to extreme temperatures and UV light, making it suitable for many interior and exterior applications.


3M™ 9460 VHB™ Transfer Tape has excellent shear performance for metal and plastic fabrication of durables and industrial equipment.


3M™ 9469 Adhesive Transfer Tape is a very firm acrylic pressure-sensitive tape. It features very high shear holding power, and bond strength increases substantially with natural ageing.


3M™ 9473 VHB™ Transfer Tape is suitable for use as a high-performance product ideally suited to industrial joining and metal fabrication.


3M™ 5958FR VHB™ Flame Retardant Tape can replace mechanical fasteners (rivets, welding, screws) or liquid adhesives, providing high strength and long-term durability.


Our range of 3M™ VHB™ Metal Bonding Tapes are sure to have the right product for any application.

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