3M™ 9469 Adhesive Transfer Tape

3M™ 9469 Adhesive Transfer Tape is a very firm acrylic pressure-sensitive system. It features very high shear holding power. Bond strength increases substantially with natural ageing and is also dependent upon the amount of adhesive-to-surface contact developed, firmer pressure creates a better bond.

The 3M™ 9469 Tape can serve in many indoor and outdoor industrial applications. This tape can be used as a replacement for rivets and spot welds, it is also an excellent substitute for liquid adhesives and other permanent fasteners found in industrial environments.

For best results, we recommend using this Adhesive Transfer Tape on a clean, dry, and well prepared and unified surface. Due to the acrylic type adhesive, surfaces that are porous or fibred (typically these will be wood or frayed fabric surfaces) will require sealing before an adhesive can be applied for bonding. If you are working with materials like copper, vinyl, or brass please note that the application surface may need to be primed before bonding to prevent interaction between the 9469 Adhesive Transfer Tape and the material.

Cleaning surfaces is best done with a solvent mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water, heptane solvents can be used for cleaning too. For optimum bond strength apply the tape in an environment with a temperature range of 21°C to 38°C, once the tape has been applied to expose the surface to an elevated temperature (no more than 65°C) for one hour.

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