3M™ 9460 VHB™ Adhesive Transfer Tape

An ideal solution for binding various materials, including wood and metals, the 3M™ 9460 VHB Transfer Tape is an excellent addition to industrial toolkits.

This excellent industrial transfer tape will withstand exposure to mild acids, oils and grease, JP-4 fuel, gasoline, and other aromatic solvents. It is particularly strong and will be able to handle not just indoor but also outdoor uses as outside weather and exposure to sunlight do not affect the strength of the adhesive.

The 3M™ 9460 VHB Transfer Tape has an acrylic adhesive, the strength of its bond will depend on how much pressure is applied, for firmer and better results make sure to apply more pressure to the tape during application. This 3M™ Transfer Tape will become stronger as the tape has been applied and begins ageing. To increase bond strength to its maximum quickly, warm the temperature around where tape has been applied for one hour. Please note that the temperature should not reach more than 65°C.

For best results when applying the 3M™ 9460 Transfer Taps we recommend that the surface is cleaned and primed. To apply on smooth surfaces, clean and dry your area using rubbing alcohol and warm water mixture or using heptane, take a look at our 3M™ range of surface preparation products here. On porous or fibred surfaces and materials such as wood, it may be necessary to prime or seal your area before applying the transfer tape. Certain metal surfaces such as brass, copper, and vinyl will need to be coated and primed to ensure that the adhesive does not react with the material.

The 3M™ Transfer Tape is available in five sizes.

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