Metal Nameplates - 3M 200 Adhesive

Viking Tapes’ range of 3M™ 200 Adhesives are ideal for bonding metal nameplates. This range of rolls and sheets, all 3M™ products, are the industry standard in high performing adhesives for metal nameplate manufacturers.

3M™ 467 (7952) Double Linered Laminating Adhesive offers a long-term, environmentally stable bond. The smooth adhesive offers a high-quality appearance on thin graphic overlays, and the high cohesive strength withstands repeated stresses from switch activation.

3M™ 468 (7955) Double Linered Laminating Adhesive Sheets offers high temperature, humidity, and chemical resistance. Suitable for use in attachment of graphic overlays to membrane switches or keyboards, attachment of membrane switches to product housings, as well as lamination to polyester for membrane spacers.

3M™ 467 Adhesive Transfer Tape is a durable tape made for resistance in harsh environments and high-temperature applications. With great shear strength this tape will work well in both hot and cold cycles and is suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. This adhesive can withstand splashes of organic solvents, weak acids, and bases. Peel adhesion values are outstanding on metals and high-surface energy (HSE) plastics. Peel adhesion increases with increased adhesive thickness.

3M™ 468 Adhesive Transfer Tape  is a must-have when working with stainless steel and applications where shear resistance is of importance. This transfer tape will resist solvent attack and disintegration when in contact with oils, grease, JP-4 fuel, mild acids, and many other typical solvents. Although this tape will resist most solvent spills, it is not recommended in applications where continuous immersion is required. This tape works well with water and UV light making it the perfect outdoor transfer tape.

Our range of 3M™ 200 Adhesives are clear-colour acrylics, suitable for all your metal nameplate bonding needs.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Brand Type Adhesive Colour Thickness Temp PDF
3M 7952 (467) 3M Adhesive Transfer Sheets Acrylic Clear 0.05mm 170° Data Sheet
3M 7955 (468) 3M Adhesive Transfer Sheets Acrylic Clear 0.13mm 170° Data Sheet
3M 467 3M Adhesive Transfer Acrylic Clear 0.06mm 121° Data Sheet
3M 468 3M Adhesive Transfer Acrylic Clear 0.13mm 149° Data Sheet
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