3M™ 467 Adhesive Transfer Tape

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3M™ 467 Adhesive Transfer Tape is the industry choice for metal nameplates in industrial or electronic applications because of excellent quality, consistency, and durability. Our range of 3M™ adhesive transfer tapes also offer the following performance characteristics:


Excellent high temperature performance as well as excellent shear strength that minimizes edge lifting and slippage of parts. Further, it offers excellent resistance to harsh environments; this adhesive can withstand splashes of organic solvents, weak acids and bases and salt water. It also performs well after exposure to humidity and hot and cold cycles.


3M™ 467 is suitable in applications such as metal nameplates for the appliance or electronic markets, general purpose bonding in the industrial market, and is also used for nameplates and decorative plates produced on a roll-to-roll rotary die cutting process.


Typical cleaning solvents for this adhesive transfer tape are heptane (for oily surfaces) or isopropyl alcohol (for plastics.) We recommend you use reagent-grade solvents, since common household materials (like rubbing alcohol) frequently contain oils to minimize the drying effect on skin. These oils can interfere with the performance of a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA).


It is necessary to provide pressure during lamination, and during final part installation to allow the adhesive to come into direct contact with the substrate. Using a hard-edged plastic tool, which is the full width of the laminated part, helps to provide the necessary pressure at the point of lamination.


Heat can increase bond strength when bonding to metal parts (generally this same increase is observed at room temperature over longer times; weeks). For plastic parts, the bond strength is not enhanced with the addition of heat. The ideal adhesive application temperature range is 21°C to 38°C and application is not recommended if the surface temperature is below 10°C, because the adhesive becomes too firm to adhere readily. Once properly applied, at the recommended application temperature, low temperature holding is generally satisfactory.


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