3M™ 467 Adhesive Transfer Tape

3M™ 467 Adhesive Transfer Tape is the industry choice for metal nameplates in industrial or electronic applications because of excellent quality, consistency, and durability. This tape works very well in high-temperature environments and has excellent shear strength which allows it to minimise edge lifting as well as slipping.

This Adhesive Transfer Tape is the perfect tape for use in harsh environments thanks to its ability to withstand splashes of organic solvents, saltwater, and other weak acids or bases which may be found in industrial settings. The 3M™ 467 Tape is recommended for outdoor use as it can perform well in humidity and places prone to hot and cold cycles.

3M™ 467 is suitable in applications such as metal nameplates for the appliance or electronic markets, general-purpose bonding in the industrial market, and is also used for nameplates and decorative plates produced on a roll-to-roll rotary die-cutting process.

To prepare surfaces use a heptane-based solvent for oily surfaces and an isopropyl alcohol solvent for plastics. Common household cleaning materials may contain oils to minimize hand drying and may not be suitable to use as cleaning solvents to prepare surfaces before bonding.

It is necessary to provide pressure during lamination, and during final part, installation to allow the adhesive to come into direct contact with the substrate. Using heat during application can increase bonding strength when applying on metal parts, heat does not increase bond strength on plastics.

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