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Masking Tapes for the Automotive Industry

A range of masking tapes for the Automotive Industry.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Brand Type Adhesive Colour Thickness Temp PDF
Premier 80 Viking Low Bake Solvent Rubber Yellow 0.125mm 80°C Data Sheet
Premier 110 Viking Car Refinishing Rubber Resin Blue 0.13mm 110°C Data Sheet
201E 3M Low Bake Masking Solvent Rubber Chamois 0.135mm 80°C Data Sheet
301E 3M Allows Air and Oven Drying of Paint. Solvent Rubber Chamois 0.15mm 110°C Data Sheet
3030 3M Green Automotive Masking Tape Solvent Rubber Green 0.13mm 100°C Data Sheet
3434 3M Blue Automotive Masking Tape Solvent Rubber Blue 0.18mm 110°C Data Sheet

Premier 80 Low Bake Masking Tape
Premier 80 is a low bake masking tape that can be used in Automotive or indus...
3M™ 201E High Performance Masking Tape
3M™ 201E premium quality paper tape masking tape used for short term paint ma...
3M™ 3030 Premium Auto Refinish Masking Tape
A new green-coloured, smooth creped masking tape from 3M to suit a wide varie...
Premier 110 Blue Automotive Masking Tape
A blue masking tape with water base technology, ideal as a waterproof masking...
3M™ 301E Masking Tape
3M™ 301E performance masking tape is designed for applications in the industr...
3M™ 3434 Blue Automotive Masking Tape
3M™ 3434 is a light blue colored smooth creped paper masking tape that can be...
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