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General Purpose Cloth Tapes

Cloth tapes and gaffer tapes for general purpose applications. Ideal for all repair and splicing applications. High tack. Water resistant finish. Easy tear.

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VK Premier General Purpose Cloth Tape, ideal for all general repair and bundling applications. Data Sheet
AT 132 A polycloth laminate waterproof gloss cloth tape with rubber resin adhesive. Data Sheet
3M 1900 Utility cloth duct tape. Available in: Black Data Sheet
AT 175 Polycoated Cloth Tape, good abrasion resistance with excellent long term outdoor exposure. Data Sheet


Viking Premier Brand Black General Purpose Cloth Tape
A polyethylene coated waterproof tape with a very aggressive synthetic rubber...
AT132 General Purpose Poly Coated Cloth Tape
A polycloth laminate waterproof gloss cloth tape coated with an aggressive p...
3M™ 1900 Black Cloth Tape
3M™ Value Duct Tape 1900 is a good toolbox tape for general applications incl...
AT175 Polycoated Cloth Tape
Easy unwind and very easy tear. Good abrasion resistance with excellent long...
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