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Collection Description
Double Sided Tapes for Metal up to 0.4mm thick mainly for indoor use

A range of Double Sided Tapes for bonding metal.

Our "Top Pick" products are highlighted in the chart in orange.

Product Comparison

Top Picks Ref Brand Type Adhesive Colour Thickness Temp PDF
Our "Top Pick" products are marked in orange
Top Pick VK181 Viking Polyester Acrylic Clear 0.20mm 80° Data Sheet
  3M 9088 has been discontinued see GPT020 below as an alternative 3M Polyester Acrylic Clear 0.21mm 150° Data Sheet
  3M 9087 3M White Paper Liner Acrylic White 0.26mm 70° Data Sheet
  3M 467 3M Adhesive Transfer Acrylic Clear 0.06mm 121° Data Sheet
  3M 468 3M Adhesive Transfer Acrylic Clear 0.13mm 149° Data Sheet
  3M 7952 (467) 3M Adhesive Transfer Sheets Acrylic Clear 0.05mm 170° Data Sheet
Top Pick 3M 7955 (468) 3M Adhesive Transfer Sheets Acrylic Clear 0.13mm 170° Data Sheet
Top Pick 3M GPT020F 3M Polyester Acrylic Clear 0.20mm 160° Data Sheet
  3M 9425HT 3M Polyester Differential Acrylic Trans 0.137mm 121° Data Sheet

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