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Double Sided Tapes for LSE Plastics

A range of double sided tapes suitable for bonding low surface energy plastics.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Type Adhesive Thickness Temp Shear PDF 25mm Price From Value Product
VK181 Polyester Acrylic 0.20mm 120° Good Data Sheet £6.37 VP
VK130 PVC Acrylic 0.16mm 80° Medium Data Sheet £5.61 VP
3M 9080 Tissue Acrylic 0.16mm 120° Good Data Sheet £9.34 VP
3M 9088 Polyester Acrylic 0.21mm 150° Good Data Sheet £9.66  
3M 9472 Adhesive Transfer Acrylic 0.13mm 148° Good Data Sheet £20.81
3M 8153 Adhesive Transfer Acrylic 0.09mm 148° Good Data Sheet £8.06

VK181 Clear Double Sided Tape with a Red Liner
Double Sided Polyester with long ageing acrylic adhesive on a silicone and PE...
3M™ 9088-200 High Performance Double Coated Tape
A clear tape with a white paper liner. This modified acrylic adhesive tape of...
3M™ 9080 High Performance Non-woven D-C Tape
3M's Banner Tape hand tearable high performance non woven tape with long agei...
VK130 Double Sided Tape
Heavy Duty White PVC with acrylic adhesive.
3M™ 9472 Laminating Adhesive Rolls
As 9471 With Greater Adhesive Mass Giving Improved Performance 300 LSE "H...
3M™ 8153 LE Double Linered Laminating Adhesive Sheets
300 LSE "Hi-Strength" Acrylic Adhesive provides very high bond strength to mo...
3M™ VHB™ Surface Preparation Products
  To obtain optimum adhesion for 3M™ VHB™ Tapes, the bonding surfaces must be...