3M 9546 Scotch-Mount Double Coated Polyethylene Foam Tape

The 3M 9546 tape is a white Scotch-Mount double coated polyethylene foam with strong acrylic adhesive on both sides. This 1mm thick foam tape is a must-have for every day uses where you need a permanent mounting.

Easy to use and capable of a permanent bond, this 3M double coated foam tape is a must-have mounting and joiner tape. Whether you are looking to join hard cardboard pieces together, put up signage and displays, or bonding pieces of plastic together this foam tape can do it all.

When applying the tape, please make sure your surface is clean in order for the foam tape to stick and bond correctly. If you are struggling to clean any surfaces where you would like to stick your 3M 9546 foam tape, we recommend using a 3M VHB Cleaner isopropyl alcohol solution which will remove any dust, oil, and dirt. Once the area has been prepared, release the white paper protecting the adhesive and stick onto the surface applying pressure.

This scotch-mount foam tape will stick to surfaces as little or as much as you want it. Applying more pressure will make the adhesive bond stronger if you need a semi-permanent foam tape solution simply apply less pressure when using this double coated foam tape. Please note, the 3M 9546 foam tape will not stick to surfaces well if you are applying it in temperatures lower than 10°C as the adhesive will harden and it will not be tacky enough to stick to surfaces.

The 3M Scotch-Mount Double Coated Foam Tape is able to withstand temperatures ranging from -40° up to 80°C making this tape a great addition not just for indoor but also outdoor uses.

This 3M 9546 foam tape is available in two sizes.

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