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3M™ X Weave & Monofilament Tapes

Used on cases where the extra strength of a reinforced tape is required either for centre sealing or as reinforcement clips on the edges of flaps.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Brand Type Adhesive Colour Thickness Temp PDF
8953 3M Mono Filament Synthetic Rubber Resin Trans 0.10 21°C Data Sheet
8954 3M Xweave Synthetic Rubber Resin Trans 0.125 21°C Data Sheet
8981 3M Filament Natural Rubber Resin Trans 0.15 21°C Data Sheet

3M™ 8953 Mono Filament Tape
3M™ 8953 is a general purpose filament tape mainly used for holding boxes tog...
3M™ 8954 X-Weave Filament Tape
3M™ 8954 is a general purpose tape reinforced with two-directional (cross wea...
3M™ 8981 Scotch® Filament Tape
Scotch® Filament Tape 8981 is a high-performance packaging tape reinforced wi...
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