3M™ Venture Clad™ Tapes

Technical Help / Filters
PLEASE NOTE: 3M™ Venture Clad™ jacketing insulation tapes and 3M™ Venture Clad™ aluminium foil tapes have been discontinued however the ProClad™ alternative is now available here

3M™ Venture Clad™ 1163 and 514 (thinner version) is the go to product for sailmakers and banner manufacturers.

3M 470 are suitable for light sandblasting on glass and wood.

3M 8087 designed to seal seams on housewrap and insulated sheathing products.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Brand Type Adhesive Colour Thickness Temp PDF
1163CW 3M Banner Tape Acrylic Trans 0.17mm -40° to 107° Data Sheet
514 3M Banner Tape Thin Version Acrylic White 0.09mm -40° to 149° Data Sheet
470 3M Sandblast Resistent Tape Acrylic White 0.12mm -40° to 107° Data Sheet
8087CW 3M Membrane Sealing Tape Acrylic Red 0.076mm -40° to 105° Data Sheet