3M™ Scotch™ ATG™ Special Offers

Viking Tapes’ range of 3M™ ATG Adhesive System gun tapes and dispensers are a quick, easy, and affordable way to apply double-sided adhesive transfer tape in many applications.

ATG tapes and guns offer versatility, convenience, and speed. They are suitable for assembly operations in businesses ranging from appliance and printing to POP and electronics. They allow you to readily bond, join, mount, or laminate materials such as paper, plastics, metal, foam, and more.

The Scotch® ATG Adhesive Applicators are very easy to use and are made with practicality in mind. Simply lightly pressing the trigger begins a quick and manageable application of ATG Tape giving you control of how the tape is applied. Whilst you use the applicator to apply tape, a special mechanism within the tape gun rewinds the liner back into the applicator. Thanks to this system application is mess-free.

3M™ advanced acrylic adhesive tapes bond quickly on contact thanks to the specially created formula allowing the tape to increase its performance in extreme circumstances. Whether it is high-temperature resistance, differential tack, or even adhesion to low surface energy plastics, this tape is able to do this and more.

Shop our range of 3M™ ATG tape and gun special offers to make your applications easy and affordable.

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