3M™ Polyester Tapes / Flash Tapes

We offer a wide range of 3M™ Polyester tapes, also known as Flash tapes, used for high temperature holding or masking. Whether you are looking for circuit board tapes or powder coat masking tapes we offered different sizes, colours, and thickness of 3M™ Polyester tapes to suit your needs.

If you are looking for the highest temperature resistance, we recommend the 3M™ 8402 Polyester Film Tape and 3M™ 8403 Polyester Film Tapes which are able to withstand temperatures up to 218°C thanks to their silicone adhesive. These tapes work in demanding conditions protecting metals from chemical baths or acid, holding metals or composites during splicing and welding, or masking during the anodizing process. The tapes come in a green colour to make them easy to spot on materials, their thin-film composition makes them easy to peel off without leaving any marks.

For powder coat painting masking, bag sealing, and splicing surfaces that are difficult to stick to we recommend the blue coloured 3M™ 8991 Polyester Masking Tape and green coloured 3M™ 8992 Polyester Tape. These tapes are high-temperature resistant tapes able to withstand temperatures up to 204°C thanks to their silicone adhesive.

If you need a rubber adhesive tape which bonds aggressively with any irregular or porous surface, take a look at the clear 3M™ 396 Super Bond Polyester Film Tape. With this tape, you will be able to splice, repair, or even seal those hard to hold and smooth surface.

Our 3M™ range of acrylic polyester tapes includes a transparent 3M™ 853 Polyester Masking Tape and a transparent with metallic backing 3M™ 850 Polyester Film Tape. Both of these tapes are great for applications that include the need for chemical resistance as their acrylic adhesive makes them solvent resistant.

The 3M™ 851 Greenback Printed Circuit Board tape uses a silicone rubber adhesive ideal for any printed circuit board when soldering stripping or metal plating of fingers. This tape reduces stretch and performs best in temperatures under 90°C.

We have created a table to help you compare each tape and guide you in choosing the right one for you. If you are not sure which tape will be best for your project, please give our technical helpline a try and we will do our best to advise.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Brand Type Adhesive Colour Thickness Temp PDF
8991 3M Powder Coat Masking Tape Silicone Blue 0.06mm 204°C Data Sheet
8992 3M Powder Coat Masking Tape Silicone Green 0.08mm 204°C Data Sheet
853 3M Polyester Masking Acrylic Clear 0.05mm 175°C Data Sheet
851 3M Circuit Board Tape Silicone Rubber Green 0.10mm 90°C Data Sheet
850 3M Polyester Film Tape Acrylic Clear 0.05mm 150°C Data Sheet
396 3M Polyester Film Tape Rubber Clear 0.10mm 200°C Data Sheet
8402 3M Polyester Film Tape Silicone Green 0.05mm 218°C Data Sheet
8403 3M Polyester Film Tape Silicone Green 0.06mm 218°C Data Sheet
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