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3M™ High Surface Energy and PVC Bonding Tapes

A range of 3M™ Double Sided Tapes suitable for High Surface Energy Plastics and PVC.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Type Adhesive Thickness Temp Shear PDF 25mm Price From
3M 9088 Polyester Acrylic 0.21mm 150° Good Data Sheet £10.14
3M 9080 Tissue Acrylic 0.16mm 120° Good Data Sheet £9.81
3M 7955 Adhesive Transfer Acrylic 0.13mm 149° High Data Sheet £6.46
3M 468 Adhesive Transfer Acrylic 0.13mm 149° High Data Sheet £6.36
3M 9087 White Paper Liner Acrylic 0.26mm 70° Medium Data Sheet £4.16
3M 9448a Tissue Acrylic 0.075mm 150° Good Data Sheet £2.02

3M™ 9080 High Performance Non-woven D-C Tape
3M's Banner Tape hand tearable high performance non woven tape with long agei...
3M™ 9088-200 High Performance Double Coated Tape
3M™ high performance double coated tape 9088-200 is the ideal go-to general p...
3M™ 468 Adhesive Transfer Tape
468 is a firm acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive system. It features high ul...
3M™ 7955 (468) Double Linered Laminating Adhesive Sheets
Long term environmentally stable bond. Smooth adhesive for high quality ...
3M™ 9087 High Performance Double Coated Tape
A white tape with a white paper liner. This modified acrylic adhesive tape of...
3M™ 9448A Double Coated Hi Grab Tape
3M™ Double Coated Tissue Tape 9448A is a 0.15 mm double sided tape with a med...
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