3M™ Hazard Warning Tapes

3M™ Hazard Warning Tapes have a super tough backing that resists scuffing and a strong adhesive that prevents lifting. These qualities and properties make this range of hazard warning tapes an excellent choice for marking floors, walls, or machinery - both internally and externally.


Our range of black & yellow, and red & white hazard warning tapes direct from 3M™ - a world leader in tape and adhesive technologies – offer excellent conformability, particularly to uneven surfaces.


Hazard warning tapes are a heavy-duty plasticised PVC film coated with a white, aggressive cross – linked solvent based rubber-resin adhesive. The specially formulated PVC prevents lifting and provides superior flexibility, while offering high water resistance and good abrasion resistance. This is what makes the 3M™ range of hazard warning tapes appropriate for uneven surface application. The UV resistant qualities of this range make them suitable for applications that are exposed directly to sunlight, enabling you to effectively use them both indoors and outdoors. 


The non-corrosive adhesive also offers a high level of adhesion that can be applied by hand or by machine and can be walked on immediately after application, resulting in less down time when applying. 


View our extensive range of 3M™ Hazard Warning Tapes Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as well as our non-adhesive barrier tapes to help you effectively and quickly demarcate and cordon off areas.
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