3M ATG Tapes

Gun Applied Double Sided Tape Bonding System

Easy to apply double sided tape system. The selection chart below is designed to help you make the right choice from the selection of products available.

For most applications 3M 904 will be suitable. If you need Acid Free then use VK2325, if you want a peel-able product use VK2335. If you want the most cost effective solution use VK9123R an excellent performer at an attractive price.

However where difficult substrates or high temperature performance is required one of the other 3M products such as 3M 969 may perform better. If in doubt please call our Technical Help Line.

Ref Brand Type Adhesive Colour Thickness Temp PDF
904 3M Transfer Tape Acrylic Clear 0.05mm 120° Data Sheet
924 3M Transfer Tape Acrylic Clear 0.05mm 180° Data Sheet
926 3M Transfer Tape Acrylic Clear 0.05mm 150° Data Sheet
976 3M Transfer Tape Acrylic Clear 0.05mm 80° Data Sheet
969 3M Transfer Tape Acrylic Clear 0.127mm 80° Data Sheet
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