3M™ 924 Scotch™ ATG™ Transfer Tape

3M™ 924 Scotch™ ATG™ Transfer Tape is sold for exclusive use in ATG hand dispensers. The ATG Tape System is easy to use, mess-free tape applicator. The 3M™ 924 tapes can be applied with the click of a trigger whilst the adhesive liner rewinds back into the ATG applicator. This transfer tape is ideal for bonding together a wide variety of materials such as metals, glass, wood, papers, paints, and many plastics.

With high initial tack, the Scotch™ 924 ATG tape works very well with most paper stocks. Thanks to the acrylic adhesive it performs well in low temperatures and peels off easily from almost all surfaces. We recommend this tape for various uses, particularly mounting projects and applications that require paper stock. Ideal for posters, picture frames and even mounting dust covers and core starting, the 924 ATG Transfer Tape will work to ensure excellent bonding.

The bond strength of this transfer tape will depend on the pressure added to the tape during applications. Firm application pressure helps develop better adhesive contact and improve bond strength. Always check your surface area before application and make sure that it is prepared by cleaning, drying, and priming surfaces should they need it.

For best results apply the transfer tape in an area that is between 21°C and 38°C in temperature. Cold surfaces and environments, where the temperature is below 10°C, are not recommended for application as the adhesive will become too firm to bond well. Once the tape has been applied, in a warmer setting, it can bond and create a strong hold which will withstand low temperatures.

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