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3M™ Aluminium Foil Tapes and Laminates

A range of 3M™ aluminium tapes and VentureClad™ laminates and VentureTapes™.

For use by general industries, construction and heating and ventalting.

  • Moisture and chemically resistant - helps seal and protect many sensitive assemblies and surfaces.
  • Thermally conductive - maximises effciency when heating or cooling by increasing the transmission over a broader area.
  • Heat and light reflective - helps protect plastic components from heat warpage.
  • Can help to improve visibility by magnifying light sources. We also have specialised foils which can be applied at 0°.

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Product Selection Guide
Ref Features Adhesive Temp Thickness Backing PDF
General Purpose
3M1436 Easy release liner. Rubber -25° to 70° 0.07mm Dead soft aluminium Data Sheet
High Performance
3M431 High performance  Acrylic -54° to 175° 0.07mm Dead soft aluminium Data Sheet
3M425 Meets UL746C & UL723 flamability rating. Acrylic -54° to 150° 0.12mm Dead soft aluminium Data Sheet
3M427 As 425 with easy release liner. Acrylic -54° to 150° 0.07mm Dead soft aluminium Data Sheet
3M™ Venture Tapes
1517CW Cold weather  Acrylic -40° to 121° 0.06mm Dead soft aluminium
Data Sheet
1524CW Cold weather Acrylic -40° to 85° 0.18mm Aluminium/PE laminate
Data Sheet
1578CW Cold weather  Acrylic -70° to 149° 0.106mm Aluminium/PE laminate
Data Sheet
1579CW Cold weather  Acrylic -70° to 120° 0.45mm Aluminium/PE laminate
Data Sheet
Sound Damping Tapes
3M2552 Sound Damping Acrylic Viscoelastic Polymer -32° to 140° 0.38mm Dead soft aluminium
Data Sheet
Vibration Damping Tapes
3M434 Vibration Damping Viscoelastic polymer -60° to 20° 0.19mm Dead soft aluminium
Data Sheet
3M435 Vibration Damping Viscoelastic polymer -60° to 20° 0.19mm Dead soft aluminium
Data Sheet

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