3M™ 410B Double Coated Paper Tape

The 3M™ 410B Double Sided Tape is an off-white treated paper with a natural medium-firm rubber adhesive on both side of the paper. This pressure-sensitive tape has fantastic initial tack and a good bond which will hold up well on various materials.

The double-coated sides of the paper are protected by a green plaid paper which is easy to release when the tape is applied onto surfaces. The strength of the adhesive bond will be dependant on how much pressure is applied to the tape as it is applied on a surface, we recommend pressing firmly to create a strong bond by creating better adhesive contact.

The 3M™ 410B is an excellent double coated paper tape for bonding large selection of similar and different materials ranging from metals, rubbers, paints, plastics, glass, all the way to wood. For splicing, we recommend materials such as fabrics, foils, fabrics, papers, and even films. If you are looking to mount materials it will do well with rubber or photopolymer printing plates. It can also be a great tape for joining and holding uses where high adhesion as well as holding strength are of importance.

For best results when applying this 3M™ double-coated tape, ensure all surfaces are dry and have been cleaned and unified to rid of any dust, oil, or dirt particles. To clean surfaces well, we recommend using any commercial cleaning solvent that contains isopropyl alcohol. Please ensure that you have followed all the safety measures when using surface cleaning solvents. Although the 3M™ 410B Double Sided Tape can withstand low temperatures once applied and bonded, it’s important that during initial applying the temperature does not reach below 10°C as the adhesive might become too firm to bond and adhere to surfaces correctly.

Available in two different sizes, please choose the right size when checking out.

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