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3M DP110 2 Part EPX Epoxy Adhesive 48.5ml

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3M DP110 2 Part EPX Epoxy Adhesive 48.5ml

UK Mainland - 3M DP110 2 Part EPX Epoxy Adhesive 48.5ml
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3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Epoxy Adhesive DP110 get a general purpose, fast-setting adhesive for a wide variety of materials. Our adhesive cures in just 20 minutes (at room temperature) to handling strength and has a handy 1:1 mix ratio with an 8-13 minute work life. It offers a flexible bond on materials such as metals, ceramics, woods and many plastics with our epoxy tile and resin adhesive. Our very flexible adhesive formula provides strong, permanent bond even under vibration and impact. This flexibility makes it a good choice for bonding dissimilar surfaces. It also allows for some differential thermal expansion between substrates. Please select the correct kit for your adhesive

  • Get a flexible bond on many materials including dissimilar materials
  • Glue with a medium viscosity adhesive
  • Apply an adhesive with outstanding strength and stability under static and dynamic loads
Dont forget a gun, plunger and nozzles are required to apply this adhesive, applicator kits are available here

NB: Cannot be shipped outside the UK

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