Technical Information Poly & Vinyl Custom Printed Tape

Both our Polypropylene and Vinyl Tapes come in a standard size of 48mm wide by 66m long. In addition we can print on any width from 25mm up to 144mm and on any length from 66m up to 990m. If you require the tape in a custom size then please E-Mail

Both are available in either clear, buff or white base colours and both can be flood-coated or reverse printed with any colour imaginable including matching to Pantone references.

If you are looking for quantities of 720+ rolls we can offer preferential prices, however the lead time extends to approximately 20 working days (our standard delivery timescale is 15 working days from approval of artwork).

Please ask us for prices if you are looking for increased quantities and don’t need your tape within 15 workings days.

Both Polypropylene and Vinyl Tapes are recyclable as part of the paper recycling process.  They are separated and extracted during the recycling process, which can then be used to manufacturer secondary products, such as garden furniture made from recycled materials.  This is dependent on each local councils recycling capabilities.

Not compostable, biodegradable or Forest Stewardship Council accredited or void of packaging tax.
Flood-Coat (Cost £0.22 extra per roll)
Printing the entire surface of the tape in one colour (please note there is a thin white line in-between each repeat of your design, we can send you an example of this if you require so you know exactly what to expect).

Reverse Print (Look at the next amount of colour costs)
A tape printed with a solid colour allowing the colour of the tape to show through as the text or design

Difference in tapes
What is the difference between Standard Polypropylene Printed Tape and Vinyl Printed Tape I hear you ask, well they are both as strong as each other but have a difference in appearance. The Polypropylene is a thinner, shinier tape and the print quality is reflected by this hence it is the cheapest material to print on. It still offers great stick ability and is as strong as Vinyl. Polypropylene cannot be torn by hand so either a dispenser or scissors are required. Our Polypropylene is a ‘low noise’ product so you can be rest assured if you use it in a dispenser it’s not going to be noisy.

Our Vinyl Tape is thicker (8mu thicker than Polypropylene) and offers a premium matt appearance, ideal for when brand representation is important. Vinyl is tear able by hand so does not need to be used in a dispenser or cut with scissors although it can be if required.

If you would like to discuss the differences please E-mail us on

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