UHMW Slick Surface Tape

Slick Surface Tapes are low coefficient of friction tapes with a choice of other characteristics.

Slick Surface Tapes used to wrap web rollers for smoother material movement, cover web former edge to minimize friction during folding, protect plastic contact bar under hot wire in shrink wrapping, used as a "slip plane" between dissimilar surfaces to help reduce noise, masking and bundling in composite part manufacturing.

These products are also available in none adhesive form and widths of up to one metre wide. For further information please ring our technical help line.

Please note: There is a lead time of 7-10 working days on these products

Product Selection Guide
Ref Brand Type Adhesive Colour Thickness Temp PDF
VKTES13 Viking UHMV Silicone Blue 0.178mm 107° Data Sheet
VKTES25 Viking UHMV Therosetting Rubber Blue 0.305mm 107° Data Sheet
5419 3M Low Static Polyimide Film Silicone Trans 0.7mm 260° Data Sheet
5425 3M UHMV-PE Acrylic Trans 0.13mm 107° Data Sheet
5421 3M UHMV-PE Rubber Trans 0.17mm 107° Data Sheet
5423 3M UHMV Rubber Trans 0.30mm 107° Data Sheet
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