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Outdoor Protective Tapes

A range of protective tapes suitable for outdoor use. Some features of these tapes include; Good abrasion resistance, U.V resistance, Water Resistance & Clean Peel.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Thickness Colour Description Applications PDF 50mm Price From
VK1100 0.080mm Black Low tack polythene. Melt & PVC. Data Sheet £3.63
VK1102 0.080mm Black/ White Co-extruded polythene. Metal, Glass and PVC. Data Sheet £3.63
VK1103 0.100mm Black U.V. resistant polythene. Metal, PVC, Ceramics & Marble. Data Sheet £4.04
PVC A Range of PVC Outdoor Protective Tapes are also available - Including vapour barrier protection and low tack protective tapes. Applications include: Number plate protection, protection of monitor screens, outdoor masking, joining and sealing faced and unfaced insulation sheets and joining polyethylene sheeting.

VK383 Protective Tape
An outdoor polythene low tack protection tape offering quality performance at...
VK385 Co Extruded Black & White Protective Tape
Co extruded black and white polyethene coated with a natural rubber adhesive ...
VK1103 Protective Tape
Good general purpose U.V. resistant polythene tape incorporating a natural ru...