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Fire Retardant PVC Tapes

A range of PVC tapes with fire retardant properties.

Product Selection Chart
Ref Description Standard Length Temp Adhesive Colour
AT7 Flame retardant self extiguishing insulantion tape BSEN 60454.3.1 33m -5° to 70° Rubber Various
AT27 Translucent repair tape with self extiguishing adhesive DEFSTAN 81-145 33m -0° to 70° Rubber Trans
AT77 All weather insulation tape BSEN 60454.3.1 33m -18° to 80° Rubber Black
AT44 Flame retardant low tack protection tape - 33m -0° to 60° Rubber Black

AT7 Fire Retardant Electrical Insulation Tape
A lead free PVC Electrical Insulation tape coated with cross- linked solvent ...
AT27 Fire Retardant Translucent Repair Tape
A translucent PVC repair tape coated with solvent self extinguishing based ru...
AT77 Fire Retardant All Weather Insulation Tape
A fire retardant PVC film coated with an aggressive, cross – linked solvent b...
AT44 Fire Retardant Low Tack Protection Tape
A thin PVC film, coated with a low tack, UV resistant solvent based rubber-re...
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