Automotive Wipes

Two options are available in our 3M Handwipe range:

3M Professional Handwipes

Pre-impregnated with a specially formulated cleaner, 3M™ Professional Handwipes are ideal for removing common workshop soils such as oil, wet and dried paint, grease, grime, ink and adhesives. Smooth on both sides, the wipes leave hands clean and moisturised, with an antibacterial agent providing long lasting protection in the work environment.

3M Heavy Duty Textured Handwipes

Designed for the removal of soils commonly encountered in the workshop and for tougher grime and dirt, 3M™ Heavy Duty Textured Handwipes also remove oil, wet and dried paint, grease, grime, ink and adhesives. They offer the same benefits as 3M™ Professional Handwipes but with the added advantage of a textured side to provide a gentle scrubbing action. Strong and absorbent, they are ideal for the effective removal of harsher workshop soils.
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