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Collection Description
Anti-Slip Tapes

Find one of the widest range of anti slip tapes in the market. 3M safety walk tapes, standard, hazard warning. A full range of 3M safety walk products including Standard,...

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Product Comparison

Ref Brand  Type Colour PDF
Rhino Anti Slip Tape (Short Rolls 5m)  Rhino  Solvent Rubber  Black  PDF
Standard Anti Slip Tape (18.3m) Viking Solvent Acrylic Various Colours PDF
Coarse Anti Slip Tape (18.3m)  Viking  Solvent Acrylic  Black, Yellow and Black and Yellow PDF
Aluminium Backed Conformable Anti Slip Tape (18.3m) Viking   Solvent Acrylic Black, Yellow and Black and Yellow  PDF
Anti Slip None Abrasive Tape (Aqua safe) (18.3m) Viking  Modified  Solvent Acrylic Black, Beige, White, Transparent and Grey PDF
Anti Slip None Abrasive Resilient Tape  (18.3m)  Viking Solvent Acrylic Black, Grey and White PDF
3M Safety Walk Coarse Tape (18.3m)  3M  Rubber Adhesive Black PDF
3M Safety Walk General Purpose Tape (18.3m) 3M Rubber Adhesive Black and Yellow PDF
Anti Slip Hazard (18.3m)  Viking  Solvent Acrylic  Red + White and Black + Yellow PDF 
Anti Slip Cleats (150mm x 610mm pack of 10 ) Viking  Solvent Acrylic   Beige   PDF
Anti Slip Caution and Watch Your Step SA Printed Tape Pieces (150mm x 610mm)  Viking   Solvent Acrylic  Yellow and Black  PDF 

Anti-Slip Photoluminesent tape (15m)

Viking  Solvent Acrylic Photoluminesent PDF

Anti-Slip Chemical Resistant Standard


Viking Solvent Acrylic Black PDF

Anti-Slip Marine Standard



Viking  Solvent Acrylic Black, Blue and Grey PDF
SGPRIM Safety Grip Primer Viking   Hot Melt Solvent Mix Clear   PDF
Safety Walk Edge Sealing Compound 148ml Viking Hot Melt Solvent Mix Clear PDF
SGPRIM Safety Grip Edge Sealer Viking Hot Melt Solvent Mix Clear PDF

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